Drop-Tines Outdoor Addictions (Bio)


Jeff Schlachter resides in Saskatchewan, Canada and is a well-known Western Canadian Outdoor writer, penning hundreds of hunting and fishing articles for many of North American’s top outdoor magazines over the years.  He is dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge with others, helping them learn more about experiencing the outdoors and what it truly has to offer.

Jeff’s hunting excursions have taken him on many amazing hunting adventures and he has taken many incredible trophies qualifying for the B&C, P&Y, SCI and Longhunter’s Record Books.  He is a professional hunter and angler, member of Outdoor Writers of Canada and is driven by a fierce passion that has flowed through Jeff’s veins since he was a small child.  In Jeff’s mind, hunting isn’t just a past-time, it truly is Jeff’s way of life.


He spends as much time afield as he possibly can as his passion for the outdoors takes him out to enjoy hunting, fishing, wildlife filming and photography, checking trail cameras and shed hunting whenever he has a spare minute.  Although Jeff eats and breathes hunting and everything about the sport, it’s always hard to find the time for everything as he also maintains a professional career as a partner in Wheatbelt Sales, a Farm Equipment Dealership located in Wadena, Saskatchewan.  As well, Jeff still seems to find the time to run a small taxidermy studio where he can express his artistic abilities and his sheer passion for wildlife, bringing his animals back to life through his talented work.


Jeff has made appearances on some of the most popular hunting television shows in Canada and the USA, such as Cody Robbin’s Live2Hunt and Les Johnson’s Predator Quest, both in front of the camera and behind the camera filming as well, tweaking his skills from some of the best in the industry.


Jeff Schlachter is proud to present his new show “DROP-TINE’s Outdoor Addictions”, which he will be filming and hosting to bring his years of outdoor experience to the viewers of Canadian Outdoor TV. So come join Jeff and his team of family and friends as they take you along on their rollercoaster ride of hunting and fishing escapades doing their absolute best to film their “Addictions” just for you!

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