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Just Us Hunting is a family, it’s an extended family of the Marchand’s, Rick, Louise, Erica and Kelly and a very close knit group of friends that have hunted together for way more years than they care lay claim to. You want real hunting, well we have it, we’ll show the hunt and we’ll tell the story, that’s the way it should be!  We pride ourselves on our moose hunts, and we do it ourselves…The girls have proven they are a force to be reckoned with, and bear hunting has become embedded in their sole, and everyone has a freezer worthy of filling. Stick around and meet the extended family of Garry Labelle,  John VanLoo, Carl  Jones, Richard McQuaid, Bruce Raine and Kevin McKenna, these guys are the greatest guys to ever share a camp with. So you see we’re real hunter, average people like you  and I, we’re people like ……..Just Us Hunting.

About Rick Marchand I was born in 1961 in a one bedroom house no bigger than a single car garage. I shared the only bedroom with my two older brothers and my older sister. My parents slept on a pull out couch in what we called the living room however the kitchen table was there as well. The outhouse and frozen water in the winter was just part of life. I remember sucker fishing with my brothers during the spring run because, well we needed food for the table and the occasional moose that was taken during the season was always a huge treat. My family didn’t hunt to hang antlers on the wall or have a trophy fish mounted, the freezer was empty and there was always a place on the table for it.   Although I was very young, some of my fondest life memories came from these days and I believe that the person who I am today has been largely imprinted from those years. To this day I am sure antlers do not taste that great, but the meals we’ve had over the years with family and friends were always appreciated and I understand the value that it has added to our household.   Today I am happily married to my wife Louise for over 27 years. She is a fantastic women that I am truly blessed to have met. We have two daughters, Erica and Kelly. We are no different than that of any other family out there. We have our ups and downs, our hits and misses just like anyone else, but the difference comes from the bush.   Our feet are firmly planted in the ground, the girls have been on my trap lines in northern Ontario while they were growing up and have been actively involved with archery and hunting since they were old enough to walk. They are conscience of the respect given to the game during and after the hunt and know full well the value of a full freezer. I have instilled this simple phrase in them over the years…. Trophies are measured in memories…..not inches. My name is Rick Marchand and welcome to Just Us Hunting

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